My grandmother Abigail, me, and my mother Kanoelani at the annual Hawaii State Society Kamehameha Day Luau c 1972

My name is Deborah Ku’upuaonaona McCue. I was born and raised on the East Coast, but my heart is in Hawaii – the home of my mother and her ancestors going back before first contact was made by Captain Cook. My husband calls me Hawaiirish – because of the Irish and Scottish bloodlines that flow through my father and maternal grandfather. But I was raised by a hula dancer/cultural teacher who showed me what being Hawaiian was all about. And when I was 6 years old, my full-blooded Hawaiian grandmother traded the Pacific for the Atlantic, leaving her home in Wahiawa, Oahu to join our family in Rockville, Maryland. Her gentle voice of instruction, love, and healing was a constant in my youth. The memory of it a blessing.

The stories in whitehawaiian are generally memories I want to share with my ohana or thoughts about being a white Hawaiian today.

The stories in Sleepy Hollow (TV) reflect my somewhat obsessive relationship with the FOX TV show by that name.

The stories in The Old Dutch Church come from my work as a docent as well as other experiences I’ve shared with members for the Reformed Church of the Tarrytowns, which carries on in the tradition of the church that Washington Irving made famous.There may be some Irving musings as well.

Mahalo for stopping by!

Aloha oe.


Note – my name was given to my by my great-grandmother Kanoekaapunionalani. It means “My fragrant flower”.

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  1. My name is christine kuupuaonaona walters and I am as well a white hawaiian . My grandmother is the founder of aloha association .her name is louisa demello makaeve. I have never met my father but he was in the Marines. I am trying to find him as doesn’t know about me . Anything to help?


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