Seven Sundays of Music

You can be taken by surprise when you walk through the doors of the Old Dutch Church during our unique program “Seven Sundays: A Celebration of Music in Worship”. I certainly was when we were gifted with a performance by two members of Taiko-Masala along with four of their many drums. Continue reading “Seven Sundays of Music”

Flat Andre Crosses the Tappan Zee

crossingthetappanzeeI usually stick to my side of the Hudson. I’m familiar with the river towns and of course my beloved Old Dutch Church and my spiritual family at the Reformed Church of the Tarrytowns, but I decided today was the day to take Flat Andre across the river to face the Second Act of the story of his capture and death. Our destination – the Tappan Historical District.   Continue reading “Flat Andre Crosses the Tappan Zee”