#SleepyClaus Ornament Raffle to Celebrate Sleepy Hollow S4

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Sleimg_1547epy Hollow was a little spooky for a 4th Sunday in Advent. The snowfall yesterday, combined with warm temperatures today caused a mysterious mist to rise and float across the burying ground at the Old Dutch Church, playing a game of hide and seek with the ancient headstones. For a moment, it appeared that the Headless Horseman was going to come roaring out of the fog and push Sinterklaas out of his position of primacy. But the spirit of the season prevailed and our galloping Hessian continues his winter hibernation. But the Legend is always on our minds in Sleepy Hollow and a quick peak into Bella’s Boutique in Tarrytown after Sunday service revealed this little ornament, limited edition, from a local artist. It combines two of img_1548Washington Irving’s creations – the Headless Horseman and Santa Claus.

SleepyAddicts (Christine Piccolo) and I used to have a lot of fun running SleepyTrivia the first 3 seasons of the show. In the spirit of the season and in anticipation of the Headless Horseman making a S4 comeback, I’d like to raffle off 1 of these ornaments.

To play, respond to the tweet with the hashtags #SleepyClaus #SleepyHollow and I will enter you into the drawing. Drawing closes at 10pm EDT, Monday, Dec 19th. I will mail out the ornament on Tuesday, Dec. 20th.

Mele Kalikimaka!


PS -Mailing to US, PR addresses only.

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