Last week, I thought I posted my final article about the aftermath of the Sleepy Hollow finale. But then today happened. Someone in my time line posted a link to a blog that conjectured that maybe Tom Mison and Nikki Beharie didn’t like each other. I knew this day was coming. I hoped it wouldn’t. And of all the angry words still circulating on Twitter, I hope this is an idea that gets SMACKED down by everyone. This is sinking really low. Shame on the author of the article for even putting that notion out on the internet.

I think I’ve come to a place where I have to make a decision. Is it healthy to be on Twitter? Do I need to start muting or blocking folks? I used to have fun with Sleepy Hollow fans talking about the shows. I’ve met up with some. I’ve established at least one life-long friendship with a person I would never have met if it weren’t for Sleepy Hollow and Twitter. And today, a tasty recipe for macaroni and cheese came to me FedEx from a #Sleepyhead who took time in a busy schedule to have breakfast with me at Grand Central a few weeks ago. These are the nice, unexpected pleasures of reaching beyond one’s geographical limitations to share common interests and personal stories.

But now, I go into my timeline and most of what I read is anger and innuendo. Does the universe need more anger because of what WE THINK happened on a TV show? If you’ve read my other Sleepy Hollow blogs you’ll see that I went through my stages of grieving. And I’m done. I’m at acceptance. And you know what? If TPTB give S4 a green light, I will be watching and I will be tweeting about Sleepy Hollow. I have been afraid  – AFRAID – to say anything positive about the show because I didn’t want to stir the pot or get attacked. That’s ridiculous. I’ve let the anger of others silence my own voice and  I’ve watched other friends go silent or quit social media all together.

The only thing any of us can say with certainty is how we each felt about the season finale. I let myself be angry for 24 hours. And I’m ashamed of some of the tweets I sent out to the writers. Jumping on the “mean” bandwagon is not who I am and I just let the shock of that episode control my reason. (It’s all in my blogs). Well, baby, my Mr. Spock is back in the driver’s seat.

Nikki Beharie is not my Queen. Tom Mison is not my idol. I did not start watching this show because of them. I’m a Sleepy Hollow Legend person. I love the twistories and came to love the actors and the characters they portrayed. Whatever the renewal outcome, Nikki and Tom and Lyndie will do just fine. And I think they would prefer our encouragement rather than our anger.

This does not mean there aren’t serious problems in the entertainment industry, and I’m not advocating being silent about gender and racial inequality. But at the heart of the story is an actress who wanted to leave, and had the freedom to leave. I accept that. And if gender or racial issues were behind that, then I will rally around her if she wants to take up that fight. Could the writers have found a better way to give Beharie the exit we all think she deserved – maybe. Still, I will forgive them. I don’t think any of their actions were from a place of disrespect or malice. If I’m a fool, I’d rather be a kind fool than a mean bystander.

We may never know why S3 turned out the way it did. All I ask is to let me enjoy S4, should we get it. And if you don’t like what I have to say on Twitter, please unfollow me, mute me or block me. I will not hold it against you. Personally, I like hearing other people’s opinions, even if they disagree with mine. I’ve learned a lot from Sleepy Hollow fans. But I will start to mute angry, disrespectful, and malicious tweets if they are aimed at castigating people who still support the show.  Diatribe is not dialog.


23 thoughts on “Really, My Last Sleepy Hollow Series Finale Post

  1. Good post, Deb. I struggle because it still hurts. I’m still angry. I think most of all, I’m puzzled at how a show with such great promise seemed to careen from one bad decision to another. Nicole has gotten a good role, I think, in the Jacob’s Ladder film that will start production this summer. I think a lot of fans are trying to process this still, not just what happened on the show, but the meta… how the show is a microcosm of how some people feel society views and values them. I think that’s what a lot of it is about. You have a connection to Sleepy Hollow most of us will never understand – you are THERE. I can’t speak for others, but I don’t fault you for your decision (for what it’s worth!). I have different views on how I would like things to proceed, but that’s the beauty of America – we can all have our own different views and opinions! Just know that I value YOU, and I hope you never feel the need to block or mute me!

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  2. Jena – you have always been respectful in your comments and we share a lot of the same sadness. When I started blogging, for new grandson, actually, due in July, it was because I wanted a place to pass on what I know of Hawaii. Going through that excercise, and more recently, adding Sleepy Hollow ruminations to it have helped me understand and appreciate the writing process. The problem with Twitter is the character limitation makes it a lot easier to be mean than nice. I am re-evaluating my use of Twitter. I would like to see it as something that build communities. Mahalo for your thoughts!


  3. Thank you for you comments Deb. They are sorely needed. I share the anger and frustration but have had to leave Twitter in an effort to calm my anger and avoid the anger that has been directed to me.


  4. Deb, thanks for your message. I appreciate the honesty. Much of what you wrote connects with me directly. While I was never angry, I was incredibly sad by the finale. I completely agree with those disappointed by some of the sentiments Abbie expressed in the porch scene. In truth, the words used both by Abbie and August Corbin (“you’ve taken him as far as you can go”) were misguided and in the moment, diminished her Witness status from that of equal to someone there only to further Crane’s cause. However, I refuse to allow two lines to rewrite the 3 years of an equal partnership that was actually seen on screen. In the days immediately following the finale it was my contention that those words stem from a lack of diversity in the writer’s room not malice. I believe the writer was so concerned with attempting to set the stage for a potential season 4, he had no real sense of the damage he was causing. Perhaps he suffers from “Man’s disease’ (or maybe more accurately white man’s disease) but that doesn’t mean it was purposely gender or racially biased. After expressing this opinion consistently I went silent on my views to try to respect the hurt feelings of others (and because I was hurt as well…). In the last week, I’ve found my voice again. I will not tolerate abuse. Unfortunately, I’ve had to both mute and block people who have been disrespectful to me or others (and I will continue to do so).

    Abbie and Crane were the reasons I started watching Sleepy Hollow. They have been the reasons I’ve stayed through the inconsistencies and remained loyal even when the show was unworthy of my devotion. Losing half of that motivation has been depressing! Now that there’s distance from the finale, and I’ve had time to mourn the death of a character I love, I can look at this situation more objectively. No matter the reason(s), it’s obvious Nicole Beharie wanted to leave. I’m incredibly happy she has moved on and, apparently, landed the role that helped prompt her exit. Similarly, I am intrigued by the new direction a potential season 4 can bring to Sleepy Hollow and I am curious about the addition of a new Witness and how her role will evolve and mesh with Crane… As a result, I am actively rooting for its return.


  5. Deb- I have accused you of being in my head and this is PROOF. You have written an amazing post that captures my journey up to this point. I was bereft-almost to the point of being inconsolable- the weekend after the finale aired. My family went from “Awww, we feel bad for you” to “Cut this shit out-it’s only a TV show, dammit!” pretty fast. I tried to explain to them that I was mourning the death of the show I loved; should we get lucky enough to have a S4, it is still irrevocably changed. But after the ineffable sadness receded just a little, I was able to look at the episode a bit more clearly and realize that there was a lot of GOOD there. Were the lines about helping Crane along a bit misguided and clunky? Yes, they were, but I believe as you stated that they were trying too hard to set the stage for Crane continuing his journey without her. She DID have a job to do, after all, and she went out pretty damn heroically. And Tom played Crane as beautifully as he has done for the past three years; anyone who thought he was going to turn that goodbye scene into the level of physicality many fans wanted hasn’t been watching the show I’ve been watching.
    The bottom line for me is that the actress wanted to leave. And unless you are her mother or her sister or her best friend or cast and crew of the show, you don’t know her reasons. Perhaps the physical grind of this type of work on a series show got to be too demanding. Perhaps she wanted to explore other opportunities: and with her talent, they will be numerous and we will get to enjoy seeing her for many years. I take her very gracious and classy statement to be true; she enjoyed working with her SH family but felt Abbie’s job was done and wanted to move on to other things. And so many fans have been anything BUT gracious and classy. What should have been weeks of accolades and gratitude for the character of Grace Abigail Mills on our television screens has turned into a level of hatred and vitriol that quite frankly astounds me. Thank goodness I have my Sleepysisters; like you, I have made friendships that will last a lifetime because of this show. On our group DM I can voice my feelings about the finale, which I still think is a pretty damn fine hour of television, even with a few missteps. And I can voice my hopes for a fourth season, which I hope we get. They ended with such possibilities to explore! And I have to think that Tom would have left with Nicole if he felt there wasn’t more of Ichabod Crane’s (and Sleepy Hollow’s) story to tell. I hope he and Lyndie and Jessica get that chance. It makes me so very angry and sadder than I already am that because of the inability of many people (viewers and critics alike) to be objective that it may color FOX’s decision. What frosts me more than anything is that if I DARE to say that I watch for Tom and will continue to do so I am labeled a racist. If you watched for Nicole, and will no longer do so-fine. I get it. But, in your very fine words, “If TPTB give S4 a green light, I will be watching and I will be tweeting about Sleepy Hollow. I have been afraid – AFRAID – to say anything positive about the show because I didn’t want to stir the pot or get attacked.” So thanks so very much for giving me a safe place share how I feel with someone who obviously gets it.

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    1. The unexpected ending of the season finale shocked us all, that’s for sure. But being a fan for 3 years – why should I throw that all away? I have had to now block people because there is an implied label of “hater” on my head if I say I want season 4. I wish Nikki Beharie great success in any of her future endeavors. I stuck with this show when Orlando was shown the door and that actually affected me more than Nikki’s departure because Orlando was just a lot of fun on Twitter and I did have the privilege of meeting him. I would love to see him back in the Hollow! And Tom Mison brings a caliber of acting to the small screen that is rare and beautiful. I will miss him if the show is cancelled, but I’ll also look forward to seeing him on TV, Film, Broadway or the West End. Best to you, SleepySister.


    2. I have always been “Ichabbie Trash” for Sleepy Hollow, but no matter what side of that fence one is on, Twitter has become more of a landmine now than it has ever been before. I used to enjoy talking about Sleepy Hollow and posting funny caption tweets, but it’s not conducive to ones mental or physical health at least at the present time. I’d love to see a truce established and all name calling cease, but for now I’m off Twitter literally and figuratively.


  6. Have to say you are at that very stage where Katrina fans were last year. At least you had some answers, even if they weren’t to your liking, and the majority of the fandom to lean on. Katrina fans had nothing but silence from the writers, with all the Abbie and Ichabbies laughing and degrading us for having a different choice. We hated the way they were writing the character, they made her act in stupid inconsistent ways, and the absolute and utter waste of John Noble. But no, instead of demanding with tweets to the writers, we waited patiently. Instead of forcing petitions and boycotts down their throats, we wrote fanfic and made fanart to send the writers and FOX. They made her a villain of circumstance and killed her off just to appease the masses and those very masses throw that in our faces.

    No I’m not trying to gloat. I’m trying to make you understand that now both Katrina and Abbie fans are in the same boat. We got a fast track villain made out of our favourite whose last word was the sons name that spent a whole season breaking her will and marriage. She was then erased completely from season 3. Abbie fans got a slow degradation of their favourite and made to look less important that her partner in witnesses, with her last words being just that, while spending the season sacrificing herself for the first witness.

    Like you I came to the show because I love every variation of the Sleepy Hollow story. With the three original characters from the story there I knew I’d be hook. The episodes went on and I fell in love with new characters. Yes Abbie was that once. An I’m ashamed to say I let her pushy and bully fans taint my view of her and the actress. I didn’t watch season 3 because of those very fans who can’t take the slightest friendly criticism of Abbie and Nicole B. So I am glad she has gone. I am happy she was found another project, and I suspect she had this in the bag for sometime considering filming is starting soon after the announcement.

    I’m now hoping and looking forward to a season 4, because we will have Ichabod Crane and Headless. The show can now go back to the Horsemen of the apocalypse story. I’m also hoping they change canon again and make the replacement witness a man, because they will be no end of this shipping battles if it’s another women.

    I hope I haven’t affended you. I just needed to say it out loud.
    Thank you.


    1. I’m not offended at all. Someone else recently made the same observation. I think the character of Katrina deserved a better ending. I loved the chemistry between Neil and Katia. It would have been interesting to explore that. Making Henry Jeremy kinda boxed John Noble in. I’m overwhelmed by the negativity of the fandom towards fans who have different POVs. I’ve always seen the show as an ensemble piece. No one actor is totally responsible for its success. Tom mentioned how much he misses Katia, John & Orlando at the Birmingham con. I totally believe that. It’s a lonely business going back to S4 if we get it. My fav Katrina scene will always be the birth of Jeremy. I think Katia did a superb job with that. I was hoping for redemption for all of them. Best wishes!


      1. A lot of the problems with Ichabbie/Ichatrina were created by the show in constant shipbaiting. What might have sounded like a good idea to them at the time only resulted in fans being mad, one way or the other. You can’t create what appears to be a relationship between two characters and not expect the result they got from the fandom. I always wanted Ichabbie, but never felt, like some did, that the Katrina character was “shady” from the beginning. She was never written or intended to be that. If anything, her character was the most true to the cause. Everything that people interpreted as “shady” could be explained as putting the cause first, above any personal relationship. I put the problem squarely in the hands of the show for fueling the fire with no endgame in sight. I also have thought it would be better to just have a male witness if there is a season 4 also, but I don’t have much faith at this point that the right thing will be done. Season 1 had the tone just right. It got lost in Season 2 and buried in Season 3. I want Season 4 but am very concerned with what it will be. Do the people in control have what it takes to stop digging a hole and get back to Season 1 sensibilities? I hope so, for Tom Mison’s sake.


    2. As already mentioned, I think the issues with Ichabbie & Ichatrina shipping on the show was a creation of the writers; They wanted to appeal to both sectors of the fan base. I have always been in the Ichabbie corner and never trusted Katrina. She was written, from the start, to be flawed (lying to Crane about being a witch, having a child etc). That colored my view of her not Abbie or Ichabbie. I suspect many others share this view… As a man, I can’t fathom staying with a woman under those circumstances. It certainly didn’t help that we discovered later Katrina was initially expected to die in season one. It seems like they kept her around only to maintain distance between Crane and Abbie (while simultaneously continuing to prime the Ichabbie pump). That too colored my opinion of Katrina and the writers… Moreover, I thought it made Crane look weak to acquiesce to Katrina after learning her secrets. In short, I disliked Katrina long before she “turned evil.”

      Frankly, there is really nothing to gloat about. The situation with Nicole Beharie leaving the show is different than the decision made to remove Katrina and Henry. Like you, I believe Nicole’s exit was planned and her recent movie deal is evidence of that fact. Abbie was beloved by the vast majority of the fandom and Katrina, and the resulting Crane family drama, had become an anathema; extremely toxic.

      If renewed, I hope you watch but the next Witness will be a woman from Abbie’s bloodline. She will also have Abbie’s “eternal soul” and all things being equal, there will be some shipping. It’s the nature of pairing two attractive people together (I say this without knowing who the next Witness will be but considering the casting history, they will do the requisite “chemistry” testing). In either case, I am intrigued by the possibilities in a rebooted Sleepy Hollow.

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      1. Sorry I’m not even going to start this debate again, except to say I find it hard to believe they would write a shady wife from the begining but to also have her lovingly move towards the husband she has wronged in the very intro, as if the Crane’s love and marriage was an important part of the story. No they wrote her flawed which is what I loved about her. They wrote her emotionally crippled in season 2 because the replacement writers hadn’t a clue how to carry her development further.

        An no I won’t be returning to season 4 if the shipping wars continue. I’ve seen them on other shows but Sleepy Hollow shipping battles are a breed to themselves. Add to that the fraction of Abbie, Nicole, Ichabbie fans who will trash it and anyone who watches just to get the show cancelled. No show, ship or actor is worse that abuse.


  7. I hope the showrunner (maybe a new one) and writers have a chance to digest the comments about the finale, fan baiting, etc. No doubt, S4 will be a hard sell unless they can back to the originality of S1. But in general, in Social Media, the meanness had gotten out of control. I find that more troubling that an bad TV show.

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    1. Molly & SleepyHollowThoughts – you both represent different takes on Sleepy Hollow and that’s why I approved. them. The fandom has been split since Season 1 on the basis of relationships. If there is a season 4, the best route may be not to ship – although social media makes that almost impossible because someone gains by splitting up a fandom and creating competition. We’ll see what happens. But I will not engage in the kind of speculation I used to. I’m not a writer of this show. Tom’s & Lyndie’s involvement will keep me interested for old time’s sake. But I won’t be involved in the fan activities I used to because too many relationships (off screen) have imploded because of this. Thank you for your comments. I don’t think any more can be said.


      1. Thank you for listening to my different opinion Deb. It’s been a long time since I was given a room to share without already being labeled the moment I mention Katrina-my-favourite, in the same sentence.
        I won’t deny I haven’t been this excited for Sleepy Hollow season since season 1 ended. I am glad Abbie is gone. It just feels like taking a breathe of fresh air, and strangely, some might take this as too melodramatic, but it feels like my abuser is gone for good, and my torment it over.
        The two ships that plagued the show have gone. I’m not going to get involved with anymore when it comes to SH. It won’t be hard. I saw chemistry between Katrina and Ichabod, but none with Abbie and Ichabod. So I’m not going to run with any herd.
        Tom will be coming to London comicon. I’m going and hopefully get to meet him, and get some news on the renewal. Lol if I knew my best friend well, and I do, she’ll have him spilling insider secrets right down to what colour boxers he’s wearing.
        Thank you again Debs 🙂

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  8. Would love to hear more about the UK reception of the finale. Lucky you – hope you get to see Tom and tell him he is always welcome to drop by Sleepy Hollow, NY. I’ve said somewhere that I’d like the next witness to be a fun, edgy, gay musician with a jazz club in Sleepy Hollow! We may yet to be surprised. It is, after all, Sleepy Hollow.


    1. LOL, I hate that idea! I don’t watch for Crane (or Jenny) so if the new woman is lesbian that’s not going to be terribly exciting from my standpoint (especially if they try to pair everyone else off). I can’t be the only person who watches shows for relationships between people…Right? It’s more fun for me if there’s some connection. Frankly, I would have dropped Sleepy Hollow long ago without Ichabbie (we all know the writing hasn’t been a strength). The chemistry between Tom and Nicole was gold standard and many articles were written about it as a result. Having said that, I doubt she’s lesbian. If its renewed, they’re going to want to suck us (read me) back in with some degree of closeness between the Witnesses and I’ll soak it in knowing full well its all a tease. But it will be fun (it better be). The Witnesses will have to be together, a lot, initially. They’ll want to create an on screen bond for audience investment and I look forward to that and hopefully some fun supernatural storylines.

      While it can be, I don’t see shipping as an inherently divisive issue. It’s an extra incentive for some of us to watch.

      Oh, BTW, we’re going to know about renewal before MCM Con because Fox needs to make a decision by May 16th. 🙂


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