Lyndie Greenwood in “Mama”

Can we talk for a moment about Lyndie Greenwood? I’m having a real hard time understanding the shade being thrown her way. Of the original cast, she and Tom Mison appear to be the only ones who’ve made it through 3 seasons of Sleepy Hollow. (There should be a special Emmy award just for that.) Fox Execs have killed or disappeared more residents of Sleepy Hollow than the Headless Horseman.

Now, Lyndie and Tom are grown up people who’ve managed their lives without my input, but I had the pleasure of meeting this actor and when you’ve met someone, stood by her in a sacred space, hugged her, shared some words, and let her ring your 1685 church bell, you just don’t want to see her hurt.

Regardless of what happened to Nicole Beharie, or what happens to Sleepy Hollow, Lyndie has been a good friend of the Sleepy Hollow fandom. In S2 when she and Orlando didn’t seem to have many lines in the scripts, she was out and about promoting the show. Go back to your old tweets. She and Orlando spent a lot of time on the road meeting fans.

Last year when Sleepy Hollow pulled out of the SDCC, she and Orlando hosted a breakfast with some lucky fans. It was a small consolation, but it was something, and they did it.

While on hiatus, she kept in touch with fans via Twitter and Instagram and shared career news and travel stories.

I know that the Jenny/Joe story line bugged a lot of us. Not because of them, but because we wanted to see the relationship between Crane and Abbie advance.

I know that her views on #Ichabbie were not popular with fans – but in retrospect, she knew something we didn’t know until last Friday night. Maybe she was trying to help us “temper expectations” as Abbie said once to Luke Morales.

Lyndie has given us many memorable performances as Jenny Mills. Her work with Nicole Beharie to create the honest relationship of the “Sisters Mills” is something Sleepy Hollow can be proud of. “Mama” is just something you don’t see everyday on TV.

Lyndie has brought strength, integrity, and vulnerability to her portrayal of Jenny Mills. And she earned the title of Mrs BAMF because she literally can kick anyone’s ass if she has to. She’s also humorous, I mean she pulled magic bullets out of demon corpse for crying out loud.

What I’m trying to say #Sleepyheads is can we show our love for Abbie Mills/Nicole Beharie without making collateral damage of the remaining cast members?

We aren’t the only ones hurting.


7 thoughts on “The Last Black Woman in Sleepy Hollow

  1. Fact is she was shady to Nicole/Abbie and Ichabbie fans. Which is why some people have taken a dislike to her. Yes, she is entitled to her opinion, but it smacked of hypocrisy when she called a potential relationship between Abbie and Ichabod ‘cheap’ and would ‘ruin’ the show amongst other things, while extolling the virtues of her own romantic relationship. Especially when Abbie was yet to have an on-screen romance, and pairing the leads made sense. She should see Zach Appelman on how to talk about a popular couple on the show you work on without alienating fans of said couple. It’s been done before, it’s not very hard.

    Added to this is the actress favouriting a tone-deaf tweet by a former writer and another by one of the current writers. This was extremely galling because of the way in which Abbie’s death was handled, the mistreatment of Nicole at the hands of FOX, and the trend of killing off black characters on TV and in film.

    In Lyndie’s last interview before the finale, she smugly stated that Ichabbie was ‘never going to happen’. And considering what did happen, it spoke volumes about her character. I don’t buy your claim that she was trying to spare the fans. There are ways to go about it without antagonising them e.g. Abbie deserves love with Danny or another character, etc.

    As a black woman in Hollywood, she would be enlightened to the difficulties minorities face, but never once did she show solidarity with Nicole/Abbie. Plus it took her several days to tweet her best wishes to Nicole, but sent Zach a tweet immediately after the episode in which he died aired. She’s worked with Nicole for three years; played her sister, and for a season with Zach. The tweet when it did come rang hollow.

    There is a video on YouTube where she and Katia Winter are making rude faces while Nicole is speaking during a cast interview. If that doesn’t tell you the sort of hostility Nicole dealt with from even her co-stars, I don’t know what will.

    Lyndie isn’t innocent in all this. Not by a long shot. She shouldn’t have diminished the central relationship, particularly one that is mired in social politics without first understanding the context. She had no qualms about stepping over Nicole to advance her status on the show. As she made her bed, so may she lie in it.

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    1. I don’t like the perpetuation of meanness on social media. I think fans are making a lot of assumptions about what’s going on based on what little communication we are getting. That’s my point and you are free to disagree.


  2. I understand and respect your perspective, Deb; you have had the opportunity to meet her and see things differently. I understand, too, that she is under contract with Fox and has to be featured on the tweets they send out – that’s part of her job. For me, it’s annoying, but not because of her – that’s not her fault, and that is not my issue. I can only speak for myself; I have seen myself some of her interviews (not hearsay, but with my own eyes and ears), and, in my opinion, she DOES come off as disrespectful and dismissive of some of the fans (particularly those who are pro-Ichabbie). I understand she may be communicating in subtext that something may or may not happen, but her expression in one interview, for example, when asked about Ichabbie was like, “really, again?” She just does not come off as a team player and really seemed to be self-promoting, as opposed to looking at the show holistically and respecting ALL fans, not just the ones that like her or her friend, Katia (nothing against Katia, but this is season 3). I think back to a nice tweet Nicole sent to Lyndie when she was on the cover of a running magazine; except for the Sibling’s Day tweet after Nicole left (which many felt was actually in response to the outcry of no one wishing her well once she left the show), I can’t remember seeing her even really acknowledging Nicole (I may be wrong, but this is just what I have seen). Little things like that, and the interview with the cast in S2 where Lyndie and Katia are playing around and making faces at each other while Nicole is talking just give me the impression, and others, too, I think, that the issues on set may not have just been from the powers that be. I don’t know if this makes sense, and again, you have a different perspective, but this is my impression, and why I am just not a fan of hers at all.

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  3. Sorry but I do believe that things wasn’t right bts. And that’s cast members included. For me lyndie didn’t seem to care to much for Nicole since s1 lyndie have tweeted,instagramed, and any other social media she’s on pic of herself with other cast members. But not one of her and Nicole with the exception of the pic we got of them in the bts Halloween episode and someone else took that pic. I have to agree with Jena lyndie has tweeted her goodbyes to everyone who left the show right after their last episode. But it took you several days to tweet your goodbye to a woman who played your sister for three years she’s been in Nicole and Tom present more then any other character on that show. And yes she could have did a much better job in her interview when answering questions about ichabbie. Her answer was shocking to the ichabbie fans we thought out of anybody she was team ichabbie.

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    1. I’m not going to argue about what you think is wrong with how Lyndie responded. I’m not going to judge her for what she failed to do, nor am I going to try to get into her head. She brings in a good performance as Jenny Mills. I appreciate that. No need for meanness on social media. There’s a point were it becomes bullying. That’s why I wrote this piece.


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